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The experience of living the city like a true native

We want the experience of living the city as a true native to extend beyond just stepping inside it. We place a high value on talent, on producers and on local cuisine. This ranges from the photo booth and the shuffleboard table to the Local Store where you will find unique pieces crafted by local producers.

You will be staying in a hotel that was a former textile warehouse, where structures such as the rosette on the facade with the initials of Joan Cirici, who in 1878 created the Passatge de las Manufactures that runs through the hotel, have been protected.

Yubban Hotels: Live as a native

Around by Yurbban

"Around" is the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Yurbban hotels that includes sustainability actions, solidarity projects, circular economy projects, cultural protection, awareness of climate change... always from the perspective of proximity.

4 minutes shower challenge

It is an awareness action, within the "Around" program that has recently been implemented in our hotels to encourage responsible consumption of water in the bathroom or shower. Suggesting to our guests that it does not exceed 4 minutes. Do you dare to try it?

Km.0 Fertilizer

Part of the organic waste generated by our hotels is converted (through a natural composting process) into fertilizer that is used for the different plants and flowers in them.

Biosphere Sustainable Certification

Yurbban achieved Biosphere certification for the first time in 2019 and since then, we have successfully completed and renewed the best practices required for the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment. Thanks to this certificate, we ensure compliance with the requirements of the "Biosphere Destination" standard that we successfully apply caring tourism, sustainability, cultural protection, socio-economic development and customer satisfaction.

A commitment to Social Projects

Yurbban Hotels believes that helping people improve their quality of life is essential and one of its objectives is to continue promoting actions to this end. Until now, they have collaborated with local associations, contributing 0.7% of the profits from each reservation on the hotel's own website.

At Yurbban we have collaborated with Nexe, ASSIS, Pasqual Maragall, Comtal, Arrels, Llars Compartides, Èxit, the Roure Foundation, and we currently collaborate with the Gavina Foundation.

That all these Foundations are in Barcelona is no coincidence. Yurbban's philosophy is based on supporting local projects.

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Looking for talent

We believe that:
sharing is growing.

We're proud to say that we have a professional team whose foundations are based on sharing. People who work efficiently and are adaptable and flexible in any situation. Driven and good communicators. People who love the city they live in and teamwork. Intuitive minds that anticipate change. People who are honest, positive and proactive, who funnel all their energy into growing both inside and out of the company.

Our greatest desire is to give our guests the best possible experience and we want you to be a part of that.

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