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with advantages

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Experiences that will give new meaning to your life.

Slow beauty
for a fast world.

More information and reservations:
trafalgar@yurbban.com o +34 932 680 727

Even the most active Yurbanner deserves a moment of peace and relaxation after having explored the streets of Barcelona. To that end, we offer a space in which to enjoy the silence, disconnect, nourish and reconnect mind, body and spirit.

Furthermore, in our spa you will find a range of personalized treatments designed for you to achieve a unique experience that will transport you to a state of SLOW BEAUTY.

Monday to Sunday from 9h to 21h.

Place: Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa.

Yurbban Organic SPA by SIGNATURE.

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sensual experience love pack

Sensual Love.
A night of passion with your partner.

More information and reservations:
trafalgar@yurbban.com o +34 932 680 727

Yurbban is the perfect hotel for a passion-filled night with your partner.

Since the purpose of your stay with us is to disconnect from your routine and focus solely on enjoyment, don´t think twice about it. You´ve taken a romantic break together and you deserve some time for yourselves. The perfect excuse to give passion free rein.

Surf the streets!

More information and reservations:
trafalgar@yurbban.com o +34 932 680 727

Surf the city and discover its most magical corners while riding a designer longboard.

Campton BCN offers Yurbban clientele their fantastic longboards handcrafted in wood with a design inspired by Barcelona and San Sebastian, two cities that stand out for their elegance and beauty, for being at the forefront and for being intricately linked to the world of art. Lace up and discover a new way to navigate the streets.

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'Go beyond.'

More information and reservations:
trafalgar@yurbban.com o +34 932 680 727

Experience Barcelona and its surroundings in a different way by driving a convertible Mini Cooper or a BMW electric motorbike.

We offer you the possibility of getting to where you want to go safely, and in style.

So that you leave no stone unturned in your adventure around Barcelona and its surroundings, we design customized tours tailored to your preferences.

Are you up for living an authentic experience?

A Unique
Romantic Experience.

More information and reservations:
trafalgar@yurbban.com o +34 932 680 727

Signature Couples Massage - 45 min + Lunch/dinner at our restaurant Plat Únic + Drink on the terrace.

  • SIGNATURE COUPLES MASSAGE - 45 min Relaxing massage with aromatherapy and techniques to release muscle tension. Perfect for those looking for a truly relaxing experience. Guests can choose the type of oil and level of pressure. Our BEAUTY ROOM for 2 is designed to give couples an exclusive, private space to enjoy our magnificent treatments and therapies. After enjoying the treatment, we give guests time to relax in our thermal bath circuit.
  • RESTAURANT PLAT ÚNIC A culinary offering featuring main dishes with sides and dessert. All paired with table wine. A fun format designed so you can get up and fill the carafe as many times as you like.
  • DRINK ON THE TERRACE You decide whether to start or finish your meal with a drink on the hotel terrace with 360° views of Barcelona.
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